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  • Markup Options

    Notes are added to key areas or groups in the XHTML and CSS files to make the code easier to read and edit.

    Layout Width
    Select "liquid" if the layout should automatically resize to fill the browser window or "fixed" if the layout width should always remain the same. Choose "responsive" to make your layout adapted to the screen resolution of desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

    Section 508 Compliance
    Typically a requirement for government agencies in the U.S., select this option if disability compliance is needed for your site.

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
    We follow the guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium and integrate them with our own mobile and screen reader compatibility options. We do this because ours are more practical and up-to-date. If a specific version of the guidelines is to be followed, please specify it in the comments section.

    Disability Discrimination Act Compliance
    Required in the United Kingdom only, select this option to ensure that accessibility to blind or otherwise disabled users.

    Screen Reader Compatibility
    Select yes below and we will make sure that the screen readers you specify in the comments section verify the code to be fully accessible.

    Mobile Device Compatibility
    Allows compatibility with most popular native browsers on the following mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android 2.3+, and Blackberry 6+.

    Non-web Fonts
    If you have non-web fonts in the design and you want to keep the original look without using images, please choose one of the following alternatives.

    sIFR - Shaun Inman Flash Replacement is a reliable technique for implementing non-web fonts by substituting them with flash objects by the means of JavaScript. It allows using non-web fonts in the page. It does this without using images and without sacrificing accessibility for search engines and other browsers that don't have JavaScript enabled or images disabled (like mobile phones often do). If either flash or JavaScript is disabled in a specific browser, the sIFRed objects will remain text-based.
    Cufon technique is a great option for non web fonts. Cufon provides text replacement with canvas and VML by the means of JavaScript, working natively with all browsers and keeping the nice look of the text. No support of flash objects or images is required to make Cufon work.
    Font face works extremely well with non-web fonts. If you choose the font face solution for non-web fonts on your website, we will simply declare the font you decide to use in the CSS properties. Those computers that don't have it will be able to download it and use it on the go. All we need from you is the font file in .otf format. If you select this option, please include the font file in the archive with your designs.

    Semantics are very important to us. Select this option below and we will incorporate microformats into the markup wherever possible.

    Print Version
    Select yes below if you'd like a separate CSS to be created for the print version of the page(s). Print CSS allows the exclusion of all unnecessary blocks from the print version, leaving only the content to be printed. Please specify which blocks you'd like to be presented for the print version in the comments section.

    CSS Reset
    If you use CSS Reset in your own coding, we'll include it as well if you select yes below. The CSS Reset is designed to make modern browsers behave consistently by overriding browser defaults. The YUI CSS reset is Yahoo!'s version of the CSS Reset. Its intention is to make sure that there is a baseline behavior across all grade A browsers, making CSS styling more predictable and consistent.

    Select yes below and we will create and embed a favorites (bookmark) icon. If you already have a favicon you'd like to use, you can include it with the design files when submitting an order. Our favicons are 16x16 pixels in size.

  • Scripting & Widgets

    Preferred JavaScript Library
    Select the JavaScript Library you prefer us to use if your project requires advanced scripting functionality.

    Multi Tier Fly-out Menu
    Indicate if a multi tier fly-out menu should be added. Please note that the price for this option includes standard CSS multi-level menu integration. If you'd like to add any special effects to the menu - please indicate this in the comments box when posting your project and we will send you a quote for implementing extra menu functionality.

    If you have tabs in your design, choose yes below to add JavaScript that will allow switching between the tabs with no need to reload the rest of the page.

    Expandable Blocks
    Select the option below to add JavaScript that will allow the opening and closing of the expandable blocks. By default we don't add any visual effects to the expandable blocks. If you'd like a fade or slide effect for these blocks - please leave a note about it in the comments section. We do not charge extra for either the fade or slide effects in expandable blocks.

    If you have a list of rotating items (for example: images or content blocks), we can add JavaScript that will allow scrolling through these items by clicking on the page links (1,2,3) or by clicking on the next/previous buttons. The list of items can rotate automatically as well.

    Accordion is a great JavaScript feature that allows the revealing of the sub-list of a particular list item with a smooth sliding effect. When one of the sub-lists is revealed - the rest of the items are closed at once.

    Slideshow is a fantastic option for picture rotations. Select the option below and we will add rotation between images, with a slide or fade effect, to the picture gallery on your site.

    If you have a picture gallery and you'd like to view each picture in a pop-up window - then the lightbox add-on will be a perfect solution for you. If you choose this option, we will add JavaScript that makes the page fade out when the lightbox is opened, showing a particular picture.

    Custom Scrolls
    Choose this option below if you have a designed scrollbar for your site - with the help of JavaScript we will substitute the browser standard scrollbar with your custom design.

    Custom Forms
    Choose this option if you'd like to customize the look of your check-boxes, radio buttons, or select drop down menus according to your designs.

    Select the option below and we will add the plug-in that allows adding the page to the browser bookmarks by clicking on the "Add this" button.

  • Software Implementation

    No Software Implementation Required

    Server Side Scripting


    Shopping Carts (E-Commerce)

    Content Management Systems (CMS)

Terms of Service

We are so certain that you will be happy with our service that if your not satisfied with your order and we're unable to fix it (if we made a mistake we'd like a chance to correct it), we'll refund your entire order. Read our detailed guarantee here.

Our standard delivery time is up to 8 business hours for the first page and 3 - 8 business hours for each additional page, depending upon the complexity.

Our development team is available Mon - Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST (GMT -5 hrs)

The prices for additional markup options are discounted by 50% for inner pages.

Expedited delivery increases the total cost.

The project completion timeline takes effect after all the order details have been cleared. The estimated timeline for CMS theme completion is provided after the investigation of the designs and requirements.

We shall provide the completed service in form of a .zip file upon completion of the project. In the case that you have requested some other specific form of delivery, we will comply with this request if agreed on when the order was placed.

We require a 50% payment (deposit) before commencing work on your project.

Any projects submitted after 2pm EST will be started the next business day

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